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Andrea Mara

Andrea Mara

I'm a freelance writer

Parenting, women in the workplace, nutrition, general lifestyle, social media, gender equality, features, opinion pieces, copy writing.

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The Loneliness Of First-Time Motherhood. Our Moms Tips.

Is motherhood lonely? Many new moms feel alone, particularly when you spend all day every day with a new baby. Do you have advice for other moms?...

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The dinnertime wars: why are meals such a battle?

Is dinnertime a battle with your kids refusing to eat – or at least eat what's on offer? Read Andrea Mara's tips for improved family meals...

Open uri20161019 16403 mhktak article

Know Your Maternity Leave Rights

Going back to work after maternity leave is challenging, and it usually involves conflicting emotions. Be prepared and know your maternity leave right...

Open uri20161019 16403 xbn7qw article

How Did I Get Here? Parenting Expectations Vs Reality

Is the reality of parenting a little different to your expectations? Many moms often sit back and wonder 'how did I get here'. Read on for t...

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The Magic And Mystery Of A Sleeping Toddler

Getting your toddler to sleep can be a challenge. Sleepless nights may return with the move to a 'big' bed, but your toddler will soon sleep...

Open uri20161019 16403 14df277 article

Tears and tantrums - it's the terrible twos

Andrea Mara on negotiating the drama of the terrible twos - and why she wouldn't wish them away for anything...

Open uri20161019 16403 z34ok9 article

Work And Childcare. Returning To Work And Childcare Options.

Moms advice on work and childcare. Tips on picking the best childcare options for you and your family. Read stories from working moms about their experiences....