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Andrea Mara

Andrea Mara

I'm a freelance writer

Parenting, women in the workplace, nutrition, general lifestyle, social media, gender equality, features, opinion pieces, copy writing.

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Irish Examiner

Letting kids run free makes them better adults

Since quitting her full-time job, Andrea Mara realised her kids have been living cossetted lives. And so she set about being a ‘free range parent’, trying to build kids that will be ‘can-do’ adults....

Irish Examiner

Cut the working mum guilt - children aren't suffering

If working mothers had a moment to breathe they might just notice that research is showing that their children aren?t suffering...

Irish Examiner

The role of food in chronic illnesses in children

Andrea Mara speaks to paediatric neurologist Dr Maya Shetreat-Klein....

Irish Examiner

How much screen time is too much for children?

The question of screen time for children is a bigdilemma for parents today. Andrea Mara speaks with two parents using different approaches that work for them and their families...

Irish Examiner

Food allergies: There is no validated test for intolerences

Andrea Mara reports on a disturbing increase in food allergies among children....

Irish Examiner

The working parents' guide to surviving the school holidays

Caring for children during the holidays is a whole new challenge for families with both parents working, says Andrea Mara...

Irish Examiner

Get in control of your housework - Stick to a plan to keep things nice and tidy

Taking control of your housework involves sticking to a plan...

Irish Examiner

Why working mums should ditch the pointless guilt

Working mothers are under pressure to be perfect in the home and their careers....

Irish Examiner

Nutritional information for wannabe and expecting parents

Should certain foods be fortified with folic acid to protect against neural tube defects....

Irish Examiner

Giving children the opportunity to explore is an important first step to their independence

You do not do your children any favours by keeping them by your side throughout their lives....