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Andrea Mara

Andrea Mara

I'm a freelance writer

Parenting, women in the workplace, nutrition, general lifestyle, social media, gender equality, features, opinion pieces, copy writing.

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Open uri20161019 21209 10hlqx article
Irish Independent

Naughty naughty: The discipline methods that work, and those that don’t -

Val Mullally's discipline takeaways for parents:...

Open uri20161019 21209 gdu3da article
Irish Independent

Nine things I've learned as a working mum -

Writer and blogger Andrea Mara writes about the difficulties posed by being a working mum with three small children....

Open uri20161019 21209 2qnanz article
Irish Independent

How to cope with life after maternity leave -

As the countdown to the end of maternity leave begins, women experience a variety of emotions - some are elated to be returning to an adult world, while others are devastated at leaving...

Open uri20161019 21209 3wlf0q article
Irish Independent

Top tips to choose your first family car -

Buying a family car for the first time can be a challenge - how big does it need to be, are there critical safety features, and what on earth does ISOFIX mean? If until now all that mat...

Open uri20161019 21209 1hjjxq4 article
Irish Independent

Seven ways to keep your baby healthy throughout the harsh Irish winter -

As well as colder weather, winter also means the onset of some common illnesses. Andrea Mara suggests ways to try and keep your baby or toddler healthy this season...

Open uri20161019 21209 x1ejaw article
Irish Independent

The reality of new motherhood can be difficult and really lonely -

Cot – check. Moses basket – check. Preparation for loneliness? Well no, it’s not top of the list for any expectant mother awaiting the birth of her first child....

Irish Independent

Sweet dreams: Top tips to achieving better sleep as a new mum -

When it comes to motherhood, one of the biggest adjustments to contend with is interrupted sleep. Before babies, you're in charge of how much rest you get on any given night, then all o...